Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Camping trip of the season

For Memorial day weekend we went up to Echo Island to camp.  We left Thursday so we could have some extra days to spend up there.  The first day was the best day up there.  We went fishing and played games.  Friday it rained in the morning so we couldn't do much until the afternoon.  My parents were suppose to come join us Friday afternoon but we didn't see them till ten o'clock that night.  Just like last year it rained most of the time we were up there.  The girls still got a chance to swim in the pool between rain storms.  On the last day of course it turns out to be a beautiful day.  Breaking down camp is always a joy.  The girls were fascinated watching Dave clean out the sewage.  Of course something disgusting would fascinate them.  In the end our first camping trip was a success.


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