Monday, July 2, 2012


We bought passes to the Zoo!  We have already been three times since we got our tickets. Our first visit we saw the new Rocky Shores exhibit for the first time.  We enjoyed watching the Polar Bear swim.  The Grizzly Bears were fighting and it reminded Dave and I of Aleecia and Mia.  Our second trip we took Grandma Talbot.  She bought the girls each a stuffed animal.  Aleecia got a Polar Bear, Mia got a Giraffe, and Eva got a Sea Lion.  We lost Eva's Sea Lion and ended up buying her a new one. I bought the girls ice cream.  Eva LOVES ice cream and made a huge mess of herself, Aleecia's ice cream top fell off twice, and Mia just cried about the ice cream for no reason.  The third time we went we took Jr. and Adrian.  The girls had a blast showing Adrian all the animals.  When we were watching the Elephants we asked him if he wanted to go swimming with them.  He said that he didn't have his floaties.  We rode the carousal and the train.  Adrian cried when we had to leave.  We love the zoo and Aleecia has learned a few things about the animals there.

Mia Loves Giraffes.  She thinks these Giraffes are hers.

Polar Bear

Aleecia riding the Polar Bear with her Polar Bear.

Mia on the Giraffe.

Eva with ice cream all down the front of her.

Mia and Adrian riding the wagon.  Mia was willing to share her baby Giraffe.
Aleecia, Mia, Dave, Adrian, and Jr.

Mia, Aleecia, and Adrian

Eva's first ride.

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