Tuesday, January 27, 2009

31 and counting

31 weeks pregnant! I am now sad that I don't have any pictures of when I was pregnant with Aleecia so this time I am determined to take pictures. This baby has grown up and down and not out. It has its disadvantages, like I can't breathe. She has been getting the hiccups at least once a day which drives me crazy but all and all this has been a much better pregnancy then the last. Happy to report that I haven't had any swelling YET.


For my dad's birthday we went shooting. Aleecia got to shoot her pink gun for the first time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Years 2009!

Every year for New Years we have made it a tradition to eat at Dave's sisters restaurant. And then as always we go home maybe watch a movie and are in bed before 10. I would like to thank all those who sent texts at midnight and woke us up. I know this is just the most exciting New Years tradition but Dave has never been one for celebrating New Years and I guess its age but staying up late never happens for Dave. Maybe next year we can have a party or something to celebrate.

Our Christmas

It has been a while since my last post. I accidently left my camera at my parents house. Here a few pictures of our Christmas.

Dave's family every year get together Christmas Eve and have dinner. At midnight we all open presents. Just to give you an idea of this experience Dave has 5 sisters who are all married and have kids. Every year we all buy for EVERYBODY! So, you can imagine how many presents we have to open. Usually it takes us a good 3 hours to open them all. My sister-in-law got this cute little puppy just before Christmas and Aleecia was more interested in playing with the puppy then opening her presents. For those who know Aleecia are probably not surprised by this at all.

Every year we try to get a family picture.

Aleecia got her Pink Gun!

Santa came to our house! That naughty Santa he brought in the snow and made a mess.