Monday, April 16, 2012

Mia turns 3

On March 20th Mia turned three.  It was hard to believe that she was turning three cause she has been the size of a three year old for a while.  Dave and I are terrible at keeping presents a secret and gave Mia her birthday present a few days early.  We got her a Leap Pad.  She is always playing on my cell phone so we thought it would be a good idea to get her something she could play with.  It has helped her stay off the cell phone as long as we keep new batteries in the darn thing.  On the morning of her birthday she woke up to a surprise.  The night before I had hung balloons and streamers in her doorway. We baked her cake and while it was cooling she decided to sample it.  It's a good thing it was her birthday and her cake.  We got Aleecia out of school early and went to Planet Play.  We bowled, drove go carts, played mini golf, played games, and had Pizza.  After we collected our prizes we went home to have cake and ice cream.  It was a fun filled day and we are so glad that Mia is a part of our family.