Sunday, July 3, 2011

Announcing Eva Hernandez

We made it to the Hospital!

I was having some major anxiety about having this baby somewhere other then the hospital and my doctor was nervous about it as well. So, at my 37 week appointment we had an amino done to check for the babies lung maturity. My doctor said that if the lungs were mature that we could induce and I could have the baby at the hospital. We did the test (which hurt more then what I expected). My doctor said she would call me the next morning with the results and then we would either induce me or wait until the week after. The next day I waited for that phone call. My patience was tested and I hope I never have to wait for a phone call like that again. Finally she called me back with the good news that the lungs were good. I was scheduled to be induced at seven the next morning. My mom came the night before to watch Aleecia and Mia so we wouldn't have to wake them up so early. I didn't sleep that night to say the least. On our way to the hospital we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. My doctor said I could have liquids and toast so I got a smoothie. As soon as I was registered they made me throw my smoothie away. Once I was in my hospital gown, monitors placed on my belly, and IV was placed and started they had the anesthesiologist come in to start my epidural. The last time I had an epidural my blood pressure dropped so they started it off slow. Sure enough my blood pressure dropped and I felt sick and up went my smoothie. Yep, that's why they don't want you to have anything to eat or drink before you are induced. They increased my fluids and I felt better for a little bit then it happened again and they gave me medication. Later my mom showed up with the girls and they were ready for their baby sister to be born. Aleecia had a ton of questions about all the equipment. Every once in a while the babies heart beat monitor would have a hard time picking up the heart rate and Aleecia would become very worried. Since I was positive for the groupie B strep they had me on antibiotics. After I got all my antibiotics my doctor came in and broke my water. Aleecia was excited she thought it meant the baby was coming. I had never had my water broken before it usually just broke on its own so it was a new experience for me. It just gushed out and kept going. I was surprised that there was that much fluid. After an hour or so we were talking about what would happen if I became full dilated and I didn't know it cause the epidural. Just then I felt all this pressure and I knew it was time to push. David called the nurse and sure enough I was fully dilated and it was time. My doctor was in another room finishing another delivery and the on call doctor was also delivering another baby. I had to breathe through several contractions before my doctor got there. When my doctor gave the go ahead I think I pushed twice and out came her little head. Once the head was out the rest just slipped right out and the doctor placed her on my stomach and I was over come with joy. Once I heard her little cry I over come with emotion. Aleecia was confused that I was crying and we had to explain to her that it was because I was so happy. The doctor offered the scissors to Aleecia to cut the cord but she was to scared so David cut the cord. The baby nurse took the baby to examine her and she was perfect. She weighed 5lb. 14oz. and was 17 1/2" long. They gave us an hour to bond with her before taking her to the nursery for vaccinations. Aleecia and Mia held her. Mia was unsure of what to think . I got to breastfeed her and was impressed at how well she did. Aleecia admitted that her legs where all shaky when she was being born. From what I saw (which wasn't much) she would hide behind David and then watch for a minute. David said Mia was mesmerized by the whole experience. David went with the baby to the nursery. I got all cleaned up and they had to wheel me to a new room. One of my legs was still numb from the epidural so I was unable to walk. Once in the new room I got to rest and my mom took the girls to watch the nurse give the baby her first bath through the window. According to David the baby loved the bath. Once she was all clean David brought her back to the room. We named her Eva (pronounced eh-vah). No middle name this time cause she was born in the hospital. Our family is finally complete and we couldn't be more happy.

Epidural doing its job!

Bath time