Friday, December 17, 2010


The rumor that antibiotics lessen the effect of birth control is true! Yes it is true we are expecting another baby in July. This has become quite a surprise to us seeing how I was taking birth control. A while back I took some antibiotics for a nasty cold and it happened to be perfect timing. Despite the fact that this was unplanned we are excited for our new addition.

Baby @ 8 weeks

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we had Thanksgiving at our house. This was the first time I have ever made a turkey and it turned out just fine! David didn't trust that I could make a turkey and I showed him that I can. My family came over and we ate at one. Aleecia set the table all by herself. The food was good as always and so was the company. After we ate it was nap time. My dad fell asleep and started to snore. Nevaeh actually let me hold her without crying and pooped on me twice. My brother Ben wore out Mia by playing with her and she fell asleep watching him play "Angry Birds" on his phone.
After my family left to visit other family we went to Davids parents for part two of Thanksgiving. Davids mom went to California to visit his sister so it was weird not having her there. Its always fun hanging out with Davids family and the food is always good as well.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Viva Mexico!

For Christmas my parents decided to take the family on vacation. Since both my brothers were expecting babies it was just us and my parents. We decided to go to Barcelo Maya Resort in Puerto Aventura. A guy from Davids work recommended it.
On the flight to Cancun I was nervous about taking Mia so we gave her Benadryl and she slept most of the flight. People on the plane commented on how well she did.
The Resort was so big and on the way we got a little lost and ended up driving on a walk way for a minute. It was an all inclusive resort and the food was so good. We went snorkeling off the hotel shore and it was one of the best snorkeling I have ever done. Aleecia caught on to snorkeling fast and loved it. The resort had a little water park for the kids and we couldn't get Mia or Aleecia out.
On our second day we were promised a free breakfast and 150 dollars to visit this other resort. It turned out to be a ploy to sell time shares. Our salesmen was Mike Davis, back in the 80's he played basketball for the New York Knicks. It was kind of a waste of a day but my parents traded in their other time shares for a time share there.
At the Hotel we got to eat at several classy restaurants. Five course meal dinners and they were so good. David wasn't used to all the fanciness of it all. I enjoyed it.
Thursday we went to XelHa. A few years back my parents went and said the snorkeling was great. It was nice but the snorkeling didn't compare to the hotels. We got tubes and went floating down the river. Basically David dragged us down. They had cliff diving and there was no way I was going to pass that up. I got to jump twice and it was a thrill. They had a rope across the water that you could walk on. Aleecia wanted to try it but she was so short that her arms couldn't reach and so she only went half way with a lot of help from others. We saw a few barracudas at XelHa. Aleecia got her picture taken with an Iguana and was her favorite thing we did. My dad had to get her a souvenir with an Iguana for her to always remember her vacation. He bought her a lizard bracelet and she lost it. So, we bought her another one and she almost lost it on the plane on the way home. Thank goodness the flight attendant noticed it.
Shopping is a must when going to Mexico. Dave wasn't into it so I went with my parents. I don't know how to bargain but, we found a place that was reasonably priced. I bought a bunch of stuff for the house and the girls got tops.
We went to the hotels little Mexicana Fiesta. We got Mexican flags painted on our faces and the girls got a chance at hitting a pinata. Not much candy came out but Aleecia got a piece.
While snorkeling we found a bunch of beautiful shells. Aleecia loved looking for sea shells by the shore. Before we left Patty told Aleecia to bring her back a seashell. She picked one up and there was still an animal living in it and it freaked her out. Needless to say we left that shell there. We saw an octopus hiding in a hole. He had a tight grip on one of the hotel drinking glasses. There was a bunch of shells lying around the hole which I figure he ate the animal that was inside and left the shell there.
Aleecia met a friend while we were there. She reminds me of my brother. Everywhere we went he met a friend.
It was a great vacation and I am ready to go back.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards)

My baby brother Clayton had his baby last week. Well, he didn't have the baby his wife did. They were scheduled to come in Monday the 25th and be induced. When they got there there was a problem with the insurance and were sent home. Clayton got the insurance thing fixed and they went back to the hospital at 4:00. Everything was going as planned when my mom noticed that the babies heart rate was really high. The doctor thought it would be best if they took the baby C-section. While cutting her open they accidentally nicked the babies nose. So, when she came out the babies head was cone shaped, her nose was cut, and her nose looked like it was broken from being smashed up against the uterus. My brother freaked out and thought she had down syndrome or something. She was born Oct. 25th at 11:45pm and weighed 7lb. 8oz. They named her Nevaeh. The next day I went and visited them at the hospital. While we were there Nevaeh pooped so we made Clayton change his first dirty diaper. He was so careful. I'm not so sure she likes me yet cause every time I hold her she starts to cry. I'm wondering if it has something to do with me still lactating a little bit? Maybe I just wanna believe that.

The Deer Hunt

David has been deer hunting with my dad and brothers for a couple of years now with no luck. He was disappointed and told me that if he didn't get a deer this year he was going to give up on it all together. They planned on leaving Friday night and coming home Monday night. I got a text Monday morning saying they were on their way home. I figured they got cold or something but I was wrong. Dave shot a deer opening day and then my brother shot a deer Sunday afternoon. My dad helped Dave cut up his deer and now we have deer meat for the next year.

Skinning their deer

"Meat locker"
Carving away at his deer

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Wheelin'

We hadn't been 4 wheeling since Mia was born so, we thought it was a out time we went. Mia loves the "bikes". We rode up to the top of the mountain and the view was so beautiful. On the ride back down I almost lost my wedding ring. The vibrations from the 4 wheeler made it slip right off. Luckily we were able to find it. It was a fun family activity and we plan on going again soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Antelope Island

A couple weekends ago Davids friend Dan invited us to join them for a camping trip at Antelope Island. The girls loved throwing the little pebbles at the camp site. We went down to the lake and the girls walked into the water. David and didn't because we didn't want to stink. The next morning they had a festival. There were huge hot air balloons and it was neat watching how they actually get them ready. We drove around the island and saw lots of Buffalo. It was Aleecia's first time seeing a real Buffalo and it had been years since I had been there.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gardner Village Petting Zoo

With nothing to do one Saturday we decided to head up to Gardner Village to enjoy the petting zoo. The girls love horses and had the pleasure of riding a pony. Mia was devastated when the ride was over but quickly got over it when she saw the goats. There was a few other children there that were a little freaked out of the animals but not Aleecia and Mia they tried to pet every animal there. They had goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, lamas, and even turtles. It was a fun activity on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aleecia turns 7

Thursday was Aleecia's Birthday. I can't believe my baby is 7. Dave and I went to her school to celebrate her birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and passed out sugar cookies to her class. We let her invite a friend over for pizza and cake. She wanted Halle to come so we ordered pizza and did cake. She wanted an Ipod for her birthday. So, we found her a purple Ipod on KSL. She loved it. Happy Birthday Aleecia we love you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Davids sister and niece came from California to visit. Last time they were here we went to Pineview. We had such a good time last year that we decided to do it again this year. Most of the family came (even my father-in-law). We had a great time riding the tubes and swimming in the lake.

Mia's favorite thing was to sit on the blow up whale and cover it with mud.

Mia loves her baby cousin and tried to give him kisses.

We ate cake to celebrate all the August birthdays.