Friday, December 17, 2010


The rumor that antibiotics lessen the effect of birth control is true! Yes it is true we are expecting another baby in July. This has become quite a surprise to us seeing how I was taking birth control. A while back I took some antibiotics for a nasty cold and it happened to be perfect timing. Despite the fact that this was unplanned we are excited for our new addition.

Baby @ 8 weeks


Hendricksonblog said...

Glad you have finally accepted this truth and embraced it. Surprises of this type take a while to be excited about. Congrats. If the next one looks like Mia can I just have it? as long as it stays little.

Aimee said...

Yay! That's so awesome! I always wondered how people have "unplanned pregnancies." Now I know it's the antibiotics. Oh wait.. doesn't it say that all over the packaging of your birth control pills? Lol.

Congrats! I'm sure he/she will be as yummy as ever.

Nyree said...

What more can I say than... YAY!!! I am so happy for you!