Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Camping trip of the season

For Memorial day weekend we went up to Echo Island to camp.  We left Thursday so we could have some extra days to spend up there.  The first day was the best day up there.  We went fishing and played games.  Friday it rained in the morning so we couldn't do much until the afternoon.  My parents were suppose to come join us Friday afternoon but we didn't see them till ten o'clock that night.  Just like last year it rained most of the time we were up there.  The girls still got a chance to swim in the pool between rain storms.  On the last day of course it turns out to be a beautiful day.  Breaking down camp is always a joy.  The girls were fascinated watching Dave clean out the sewage.  Of course something disgusting would fascinate them.  In the end our first camping trip was a success.



Ever since Eva learned how to sit she has crossed her ankles.  I find it adorable and have tried to capture it on camera but pictures don't show the whole effect.

Mia has learned how to use the computer and loves playing games.  The other day I went into the other room to lay Eva down for a nap.  Mia was quietly playing games.  I accidentally fell asleep for a few minutes.  When I woke up I frantically ran out into the kitchen and found Mia passed out by the computer.  How she fell asleep like that I will never know.

The other day Aleecia wanted to brush Sadie.  She is shedding and her hair is getting everywhere.  I hate it especially since I am very allergic to her.  The girls had fun getting a bunch of fur off her and I just stayed away.

David's Ankle and Mothers Day

We went to the park with David's family for Mothers Day just like we do every year.  Usually when we go to the park we play baseball but we decided to try a new game and played Ultimate Frisbee instead.  The girls weren't getting the Frisbee so we quit.  Soon after people came running back to our picnic area saying that David got hurt.  He usually gets hurt so I wasn't too worried till I got there.  He was on the ground holding his ankle.  It immediately was swelling so we got him some ice.  Within a few minutes of hurting himself it had already doubled in size.  David's sweet mother thought it was dislocated because of the way the swelling made it look.  It was later in the evening so we saw a doctor the next morning.  Luckily there was nothing broken but it was still a bad injury (one of the worst I've seen and I have seen a few).  He wore a walking boot and has since gone down to a brace and now is mostly recovered. I hope every mothers day is like this one!  It was by far the worst mothers day I have ever had.  Hopefully this means that next year will be nothing but better.

Mia's Shiner

At Jesse's birthday party Adrian and Mia were playing and accidentally hit heads.  I knew it was gonna be bad because as soon as it happened her poor little eye started to swell.  The next day she said it was all better even though it looked worse.  When she would look in the mirror she would say, "It looks dark".  

Easter 2012

Easter for us starts Saturday morning at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  The girls didn't find any gold or silver eggs this year but they still scored some eggs.
Saturday afternoon it was off the Grandma and Grandpa's house to paint eggs, swim in the hot tub, and hunt more eggs. We didn't score as much money as last year but we had fun anyway. On the way home we stopped off at Wal-mart to get some finishing touches for the girls Easter baskets. I stayed in the car with the girls and told David to get some jelly beans and a Easter themed candy for each girl.  When he returned he said there wasn't much and he had to improvise.  He managed to get the jelly beans but instead of Easter candy he got Pringles.  Pringles are not a traditional thing to find in your Easter basket but we decided that if it was a huge hit (which David thought it would be) we would make this our new family tradition.  They weren't as big as a hit as David thought they would be but we might have to make this a tradition anyway cause it's kind of funny to me. 
Easter Sunday we went to the Park with David's family and hunted more eggs.  The kids came home with even more candy.  Maybe having Pringles instead of candy might be a better idea???

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Aleecia painting her egg

Mia painting her egg

The girls eggs

Eva's basket

Mia's basket

  Aleecia's basket