Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Hike

While camping this summer we went on a little hike.  We hiked up the hill behind our campground.  On our hike David pointed out some deer poop so the rest of the hike Aleecia and Mia would find deer poop and shout out "deer poop".  Even when there wasn't any Mia would yell it out.  Besides deer poop we found cactus and bones.

Fishing at Echo Island

This summer we have had the opportunity to go camping and fishing at our campground.  On our first trip we were just knocking them dead.  Eva warmed up to the fish and loves playing with them.  We don't like eating fish but we sure love catching them.

Sleep training

Eva is a big girl and has been sleeping in her own bed.  I was worried it was going to be hard to train her but she did great. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Time Rush!

For Aleecia's birthday we bought her tickets to the Big Time Rush concert.  Since her real birthday isn't until the end of August we had to give her them early.  We took her out to eat and gave her the tickets.  She was happy and very excited. Since Aleecia is their biggest fan we had to buy her a T-shirt.  While in line a bunch of kids were trying to look through the fence to see back stage.  Aleecia couldn't see anything.  She got a T-shirt, poster, and a necklace.  They had two opening acts that we watched in the hot sun.  Finally they had the count down till BTR!  When they came onto stage Aleecia screamed and cheered.  They had a trampoline and pyrotechnics and a big screen. At one point they came out into the audience.  Aleecia and I got really close to Carlos.  That was pretty exciting.  Towards the end Aleecia kept asking me if it was over.  I don't think she wanted it to ever end.  The next day she was acting out the concert.  I would have to say the concert was a success!

 Me and Aleecia before the concert

 James, Kendall, Logan (Aleecias dream boy), and Carlos

 Aleecia showing her love

James, Logan, Kendall, and Carlos 

Big Time Rush's Biggest Fan