Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit this year. That silly bunny hide eggs for the girls to find. Best part was they were filled with jelly beans and the look on Mia's face when she discovered the jelly beans was priceless. They each got coloring books and crayons, candy(not too much), bubbles, a jump rope and the movie "Tangled" to share.

This year my mom had everybody over for dinner and a Easter Egg Hunt. David went to baseball and to the park with his family while the girls and I went to my parents. My mom had the girls find Easter eggs. Inside she had small pieces of paper with rewards written on them. Mia won money and Aleecia won a sleepover, a day at Lagoon, a day at Boondocks, and pizza. Later my mom had a Easter egg hunt for the adults. Aleecia helped me find eggs since David wasn't there. We had found all the eggs but one and since we couldn't find it we went inside to see what we had won. We read all our strips of paper and the grand prize ($50) hadn't been found. So, we all went back outside to try and find that last egg. We searched everywhere and couldn't find it. My mom got the right idea of rechecking the eggs we found and found the piece of paper in one of our eggs. We all had a good laugh. After getting the girls all hyped up on chocolate we went home to reunited with David. He brought home the girls a bunch more candy from his family. We will be eating Easter candy for a year!

Neveah wearing her new sunglasses. She has the biggest smiles!

Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we attend the Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Every year they have a golden egg and a silver egg. Aleecia is still determined to find one (it would probably help if the parents would let the kids find them). Mia was very picky when choosing her eggs. She would be surrounded by eggs and only go for certain ones. After the hunt they have a breakfast. Mia ate a ton of strawberries and Aleecia ate a ton of powdered sugar donuts. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year. Maybe we will find a golden egg.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mia turns 2

On March 20th Mia turned 2. She is such a big girl. We wanted to do something special to celebrate her birthday so, we took her to the pool. She absolutely loves the little kiddie slide they have. She went down that slide at least 100 times. Mia has no fear and was going down the slide head first and trying to slide down on her feet.

We are so glad that Mia is part of our family. She makes me laugh everyday. She loves giving hugs and sometimes she doesn't realize her own strength and smothers you. She is very smart and understands what you tell her. Just recently she has started talking more and it is so sweet to hear her talk in her cute voice. She loves books and will "read" them to you.


we love you.