Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Now that we know the gender of the baby we decided to get the nursery ready. Aleecia wanted to help us paint so with a lot of resistance we let her paint.

As you can see she did a pretty good job and she had a lot of fun. Here is what the nursery looks like now. We still need a few more finishing touches.

It's a. . . . .

It's another GIRL!!! We are so excited to have another precious girl in our family. Aleecia is excited to have a sister. I didn't think she would be able to tell the ultrasound was a baby but she shows me her head and her body in each picture. Every morning lately she wakes me up by finding my belly and cuddling her sister. I love this picture of her stretching her little legs out. When I feel her the most this is what it feels like she is doing to me. I have another ultrasound scheduled for the 7th of Nov. I can't wait to see my baby again!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adriannas Birthday Party

Every year for my nieces birthday she has a costume party. I love it because I get to see everyone in their costumes. Last year for Halloween Aleccia was a puppy. I made her costume big enough so she could wear it again this year. Well, that was the plan until we went shopping with grandma and found a unicorn costume. Aleecia feel in love with the costume and wore it throughout the store. When it was time to go Aleecia put on her puppy face that grandma cannot resist so, grandma had to get her the costume. So, this year Aleecia will be a princess riding a pink unicorn.

Here is a picture of Aleecia and a couple of her cousins at Adrianna's Party.

Halloween Fun!

I love Halloween time! We always have so much fun carving pumpkins. Last year Aleecia didn't like taking the guts out of the pumpkins this year she didn't mind as much. I just noticed Davids face in this picture. HaHaHa.

New Do

David and I got sick of struggling with Aleecia everyday just to brush her hair. So, I called my good friend Amy and cut her hair off.

Thanks Amy we love the new do!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Utah Olympic Park

For my brothers 17th Birthday we all went to the Utah Olympic Park to go bobsledding. Of course David was too afraid, Aleecia was too young, and I was too pregnant to ride so we got to wittness my brothers bobsled. Man I wish I could have done this!
My Brothers having the time of their lives!
The closest Aleecia got to riding the bobsled.
The Luge.

Future Olympian Skier