Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patricks Day 2012

The Leprechaun trap was a big hit this year!  Aleecia made a Leprechaun trap out of tongue depressors and paint.  She set it up before bed.  That sneaky little Leprechaun made little foot prints around the house.  He magically escaped from our crafty trap but left a scavenger hunt for Aleecia and Mia.  They followed the clues and found the "treasure"(a bag for each filled with Rollo's and skittles).  Aleecia was so excited!  Unfortunately they didn't get to see the Leprechaun pee (green food coloring) in the toilet.  Dad went to the bathroom in the night and flushed it!  Way to ruin the surprise Dad!
Happy St. Patricks Day!