Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter was a two day event for us this year. It all started Saturday when we went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Thanks April and Lisa we had so much fun. If you found a golden or a silver egg you got a big prize. Unfortunately we didn't find one although we found a egg that looked somewhat golden so Aleecia believes she found the golden egg. Sunday Aleecia wore her Easter dress to church. We had bought Mia a dress but her closet somehow got locked and so she wore a different dress. I did try to break into the closet to retrieve the dress with no success. We hadn't had any time to color eggs so with much begging we colored eggs. Aleecia's favorite egg was the pink and orange egg, her favorite colors. Davids family always gets together to celebrate Easter and his moms birthday. They don't hid eggs but throw candy all over the grass and the kids come out and try and get all the candy. Kind of like a pinata but without the pinata.
Aleecia's Eggs
Aleecia's Easter Dress

Colored Eggs

Aleecia's Favorite Egg

Family Easter Egg Hunt

Monday, April 6, 2009


Mia is a really good baby. She pretty much sleeps so I have time to get some things done. The only time she gets cranky is when she is so tired that she can't go to sleep. Friday was her 2week well baby check-up. She now weighs 7lb. 9oz. almost a pound more then her birth weight. She measures 20" which puts her at the 70th percentile. When the doctor went to exam her, Mia decided to leave the doctor a little "present". I can't believe that much poop can come out of something so small. The doctor said everything looked perfect but I already new she was perfect!

"Hear no Evil"

Look at that little dimple

Sweet Baby

"Big SIS"

I was really worried about how Aleecia would feel once the baby was born. I never imagined that we would have any problems with her loving her sister too much! Aleecia absolutely loves being a big sister. She has been such a big helper. The only problem we are having is she is always trying to pick her up and carry her around. Aleecia is always asking me if I need to go to the bathroom because she knows that if I am in the bathroom I won't see her pick up her sister. Surprisingly Aleecia is really good at helping me change her clothes and she is not afraid to help change dirty diapers. I am so lucky to have such a big helper!