Monday, April 6, 2009


Mia is a really good baby. She pretty much sleeps so I have time to get some things done. The only time she gets cranky is when she is so tired that she can't go to sleep. Friday was her 2week well baby check-up. She now weighs 7lb. 9oz. almost a pound more then her birth weight. She measures 20" which puts her at the 70th percentile. When the doctor went to exam her, Mia decided to leave the doctor a little "present". I can't believe that much poop can come out of something so small. The doctor said everything looked perfect but I already new she was perfect!

"Hear no Evil"

Look at that little dimple

Sweet Baby


Hendricksonblog said...

She still looks like Dad to me.

Nicole said...

oh my goodness!!! She is SO cute!! I need to come see her before she gets to big!

Nick said...

She's a cutie for sure. Glad to hear she is doing just great.

Marissa said...

Seriously! She looks like a porceline doll she is so beautiful! And I'm so glad for you that you've got a good helper in Aleecia.

Grand Pooba said...

Only 7 lb 9 oz? Girl, my babies will weigh that much in my 4th month!

She is darling! I need to come up north so me and Nicole and come visit!

Hear that Nikki? Yes I'm talking to you!

Nyree said...

She is beautiful Anj! Glad to hear she's healthy too..

Kris said...

She's darling, Anj. Congrats!