Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adriannas Birthday Party

Every year for my nieces birthday she has a costume party. I love it because I get to see everyone in their costumes. Last year for Halloween Aleccia was a puppy. I made her costume big enough so she could wear it again this year. Well, that was the plan until we went shopping with grandma and found a unicorn costume. Aleecia feel in love with the costume and wore it throughout the store. When it was time to go Aleecia put on her puppy face that grandma cannot resist so, grandma had to get her the costume. So, this year Aleecia will be a princess riding a pink unicorn.

Here is a picture of Aleecia and a couple of her cousins at Adrianna's Party.


amy said...

lookin good!

Anonymous said...

What scary monsters and what a cute princess