Thursday, June 14, 2012

David's Ankle and Mothers Day

We went to the park with David's family for Mothers Day just like we do every year.  Usually when we go to the park we play baseball but we decided to try a new game and played Ultimate Frisbee instead.  The girls weren't getting the Frisbee so we quit.  Soon after people came running back to our picnic area saying that David got hurt.  He usually gets hurt so I wasn't too worried till I got there.  He was on the ground holding his ankle.  It immediately was swelling so we got him some ice.  Within a few minutes of hurting himself it had already doubled in size.  David's sweet mother thought it was dislocated because of the way the swelling made it look.  It was later in the evening so we saw a doctor the next morning.  Luckily there was nothing broken but it was still a bad injury (one of the worst I've seen and I have seen a few).  He wore a walking boot and has since gone down to a brace and now is mostly recovered. I hope every mothers day is like this one!  It was by far the worst mothers day I have ever had.  Hopefully this means that next year will be nothing but better.

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