Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ever since Eva learned how to sit she has crossed her ankles.  I find it adorable and have tried to capture it on camera but pictures don't show the whole effect.

Mia has learned how to use the computer and loves playing games.  The other day I went into the other room to lay Eva down for a nap.  Mia was quietly playing games.  I accidentally fell asleep for a few minutes.  When I woke up I frantically ran out into the kitchen and found Mia passed out by the computer.  How she fell asleep like that I will never know.

The other day Aleecia wanted to brush Sadie.  She is shedding and her hair is getting everywhere.  I hate it especially since I am very allergic to her.  The girls had fun getting a bunch of fur off her and I just stayed away.

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