Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Last year we started the tradition of going to Cabelas to sit on Santa's lap. The Santa is always a good one and you get a free picture. Aleecia asked for a pink bike without training wheels and Mia screamed her head off. It was classic.
Christmas Eve is always spent with Davids family. We eat my mother-in-laws tamales and hang out until midnight. At midnight we go around the room giving everybody a hug and wishing them a Merry Christmas. Each year we add someone to the mix. This year it was my nieces baby and another nieces fiance. Everybody buys something for everybody else so we have a heaping pile of presents to open. This year we had two piles. It's like a mad house with everybody opening presents. Mia got a shopping cart from mom and dad and wanted me to put it together right away. Then she wanted to sit in it and open her presents. After two hours of opening presents (it usually takes us three) it was time to pack up and go home. Once we got home the girls were wiped out and went straight to bed. We didn't wake up the next morning until 9:00. It's the same thing every year I have to wake up Aleecia to see what Santa brought. Santa pulled through and got Aleecia a pink bike and he got Mia a wagon. Christmas day we spend with my family so we packed up and headed to my parents to spend Christmas day. When we got there they were already opening presents and my dad was in the kitchen making egg McMuffins. This year we added a sister-in-law a niece and a nephew. After all the presents were opened we played bingo. Every time someone got a bingo you got to pick a gift from the table. We scored big time. My grandpa stopped by to see everyone and he had lunch with us. After a nap we headed home to put our stuff away. We ended up just playing with our stuff instead of putting it away.


TammaRamma said...

I love the screaming baby picture on Santa's lap! Those are hilarious!

Grand Pooba said...

I still can't believe you're prego again! Next year you're going to have 2 crying babies on santa's lap!

Grand Pooba said...

And in response to your question, the neighbors I was referring to were the Hiltons! Ha! Gotta love Renae!