Friday, January 21, 2011

Mia thinks she is so funny

With each pregnancy I have all day sickness so, it hasn't been a big surprise that I have been sick this time around. Aleecia and Mia have been really helpful when I have been in the bathroom "losing it". Aleecia will run in with the box of "preggy pops"(little candy like things to suck on to help with the nausea). And Mia will run in and pat me on the back. I felt really bad for them and that they have to hear me until recently.
David had brought in the garbage can from taking out the garbage and Mia ran over to it and started making heaving sounds into it. Totally making fun of me and my situation. And if that wasn't enough just the other day I was in the bathroom cleaning when Mia came in and started spiting her apple into the toilet and making gaging noises. Sometimes she will just start making gaging noises and I know she is thinking she is so funny. I guess it doesn't help that I have to giggle a little. I didn't think kids started making fun of their parents until they were preteens.


Noslo Family said...

You are teaching them how to be good pukers! Steven did the same thing when I was pregnant with Isaac. This time around they just left me alone. I guess I was scary!

Hendricksonblog said...

I love love love the visual of the darling little hand patting you on the back. So freaking cute, oh yeah and I am sorry your sick but not sorry enough to not smile about the girls "helping" you.
They will get thiers one day and you can chuckle.

Lisa said...

I am picturing you and your little pukers. Too funny, but make sure they know I have no respect for pukers only starvers. So it has to be a pregnancy faze for all of you!!

The Royals said...

That is so funny!