Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gardner Village Petting Zoo

With nothing to do one Saturday we decided to head up to Gardner Village to enjoy the petting zoo. The girls love horses and had the pleasure of riding a pony. Mia was devastated when the ride was over but quickly got over it when she saw the goats. There was a few other children there that were a little freaked out of the animals but not Aleecia and Mia they tried to pet every animal there. They had goats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, lamas, and even turtles. It was a fun activity on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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Marissa said...

Thanks for posting this Anj! I'm always looking for cool things like this for Jack. He loves animals too and is so curious with them right now. It's just fun to see! I LOVE the picture of Mia hugging the goat :o)