Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Viva Mexico!

For Christmas my parents decided to take the family on vacation. Since both my brothers were expecting babies it was just us and my parents. We decided to go to Barcelo Maya Resort in Puerto Aventura. A guy from Davids work recommended it.
On the flight to Cancun I was nervous about taking Mia so we gave her Benadryl and she slept most of the flight. People on the plane commented on how well she did.
The Resort was so big and on the way we got a little lost and ended up driving on a walk way for a minute. It was an all inclusive resort and the food was so good. We went snorkeling off the hotel shore and it was one of the best snorkeling I have ever done. Aleecia caught on to snorkeling fast and loved it. The resort had a little water park for the kids and we couldn't get Mia or Aleecia out.
On our second day we were promised a free breakfast and 150 dollars to visit this other resort. It turned out to be a ploy to sell time shares. Our salesmen was Mike Davis, back in the 80's he played basketball for the New York Knicks. It was kind of a waste of a day but my parents traded in their other time shares for a time share there.
At the Hotel we got to eat at several classy restaurants. Five course meal dinners and they were so good. David wasn't used to all the fanciness of it all. I enjoyed it.
Thursday we went to XelHa. A few years back my parents went and said the snorkeling was great. It was nice but the snorkeling didn't compare to the hotels. We got tubes and went floating down the river. Basically David dragged us down. They had cliff diving and there was no way I was going to pass that up. I got to jump twice and it was a thrill. They had a rope across the water that you could walk on. Aleecia wanted to try it but she was so short that her arms couldn't reach and so she only went half way with a lot of help from others. We saw a few barracudas at XelHa. Aleecia got her picture taken with an Iguana and was her favorite thing we did. My dad had to get her a souvenir with an Iguana for her to always remember her vacation. He bought her a lizard bracelet and she lost it. So, we bought her another one and she almost lost it on the plane on the way home. Thank goodness the flight attendant noticed it.
Shopping is a must when going to Mexico. Dave wasn't into it so I went with my parents. I don't know how to bargain but, we found a place that was reasonably priced. I bought a bunch of stuff for the house and the girls got tops.
We went to the hotels little Mexicana Fiesta. We got Mexican flags painted on our faces and the girls got a chance at hitting a pinata. Not much candy came out but Aleecia got a piece.
While snorkeling we found a bunch of beautiful shells. Aleecia loved looking for sea shells by the shore. Before we left Patty told Aleecia to bring her back a seashell. She picked one up and there was still an animal living in it and it freaked her out. Needless to say we left that shell there. We saw an octopus hiding in a hole. He had a tight grip on one of the hotel drinking glasses. There was a bunch of shells lying around the hole which I figure he ate the animal that was inside and left the shell there.
Aleecia met a friend while we were there. She reminds me of my brother. Everywhere we went he met a friend.
It was a great vacation and I am ready to go back.


TammaRamma said...

Wow! That looks like it was a blast! Beautiful pictures! =]

Hendricksonblog said...

This post just provokes jealous feelings in all who come here. LOL