Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Saturday we took the girls to the zoo. As we were leaving the house in a rush the camera was forgotten so sadly we have no pictures. First we went on the train. If you ask me the train ride needs more animals. Mia enjoyed watching all the animals and would get really upset when we would move to the next exhibit. We ended up spoiling the girls with 2 carousel rides and cotton candy. After seeing all the animals it was time to play at Discovery Land. Mia had, had enough excitement for one day and fell asleep. It was sad to find out that the baby giraffe and the zebras had died, but the new baby elephant was so cute.


Marissa said...

Ahh, I LOVE the zoo! You've got two kids now, so you're going through this for a 2nd time, but isn't it just so fun to see things through a baby's eyes?!?! There's just so many things I look forward to sharing with my baby, it's almost like doing them again for the first time!

Nyree said...

We haven't taken our girls to the zoo for way too long. I just have a hard time at the hogle zoo since the exhibits are quite small. Since I have such a soft spot for animals, I always go away feeling so sad for them. Sad to hear the baby animals died!! Glad to hear ou had a fun time. I say all of us girls plan a trip in the summer with all the kidlets.... it would be a blast!