Monday, April 12, 2010

Field Trip

Last week was the 1st grade field trip to Utah Natural History Museum. I hadn't been to the museum since I was a child so I was excited. On the way up I had to ride on a separate bus then Aleecia cause there was no room. I was given a group of 6 kids to "keep track of", Aleecia, Asia, Calli, Adam, Sai, and Toi. They were so cute. They just let the kids roam the museum as they pleased. My group would look at one thing then run to the next. We had seen the whole museum in 30 minutes and still had an hour to go. We went back to their favorite things and took a bit longer looking at them. They enjoyed getting their picture taken. They asked me on just about everything to take a picture.

Aleecia's favorite thing the "BIG CRYSTAL".

Drilling holes like the Indians.

Dinosaur bones!

Uncovering Dinosaur bones.

Bus ride home, Aleecia and Cindy.

Everybody liked something different but my favorite part was hearing the funny things they say like:
Kid: "Mrs. Anderson your teeth are yellow."
Kid: "I'm thirsty."
Me: "We are almost to the school and then you can get a drink."
Kid: "I need a really strong drink!"

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Marissa said...

After a field trip with many, many 5 year olds, I'm sure Mrs. Anderson was thinking the same thing the kid said..."I need a really strong drink!"

Isn't it great how, even though you're not in school anymore, you STILL get to enjoy all the fieldtrips ;o)