Sunday, April 25, 2010

Date Night

David really wanted to go to a Jazz playoff game so he bought some tickets and we made a date of it. My sweet sister-in-law babysat so David and I went to the Olive garden and then to the Jazz game. We were really surprised to see that the prices for parking went up. $10 just for parking is crazy. The atmosphere at the game was a lot of fun. I noticed that during the national anthem none of the players held their hands on their hearts and half the crowd wasn't doing it as well. Where is peoples respect? The Jazz won despite Boozer couldn't hit any shots and there was a lot of bad calls by the refs. If the Jazz make it to the next round we plan on going again. Gotta love date night!


Hendricksonblog said...

Date night at a Jazz game even better. I haven't noticed that about during the anthem, that is ridiculous

Suzie said...

Sure, ditch us for a play off game. How rude!! J/K I would have done the same. Glad you had fun!! :D

I went on Sunday night and it was really fun. I'd never been to a play off game either. Jeana has hook ups at the Jazz so we got our tix and dinner for free. We had an empty seat for Mike. He couldn't go cuz of his bum knee. When we got there though we had a right aisle seat so he could have come.