Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Super Siblings"

I thought it would be fun if Aleecia attended a sibling class. Jordan Valley Hospital doesn't provide a sibling class so we had to go to St. Marks Hospital. They had the kids hold a fake baby that only weighed about a pound. When they first picked up the baby the kids thought the baby was heavy (not too reassuring). The kids had to hold the baby while they talked about good and bad toys for the baby. Aleecia was pretty good at holding the baby but I don't think she will be left unattended holding the baby once the baby comes. Then we took a tour of the hospital. Aleecia liked going up and down on the bed and she even got to hear her heart beat on the monitor. They took the kids to the nursery to see a real baby. I think that was my favorite part. They had a little girl baby in the nursery with a pink bow glued to her head. Aleecia thought it was so cute that they put a bow on her head. Once the tour was over they got to make a present for their baby! They drew a picture for the baby and then ironed it on to a bib for the baby!

Here is our Big Sister!

This is the picture that Aleecia drew for her sister. It is a picture of her and her sister and off to the side is a Binky if you couldn't tell.


Marissa said...

Hehe, I love when you post all her pictures! And that's a really cool class they did.

Grand Pooba said...

Okay your comment cracked me up! Somehow I don't think Alex would go for injecting your urine no matter how big of discount you give us! lol!

Aleecia is so cute! She's gonna be a great big sister!

Cami said...

That is so darling. I am so excited for you. Hope to see you next weekend.