Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines Day!

David had to work on Valentines Day so I got to spend it with Aleecia. We spent the day making valentine cards and heart and star sugar cookies.

For breakfast I made these valentine pancakes. She loved them. Now whenever I make pancakes she always asks for the pink ones with the heart.
She loves frosting sugar cookies. We do this every year. This year she wanted to make star cookies too. She gave the star cookies to grandpa and the heart cookies to grandma.

These are the valentine cards we made. The first one was for grandpa. I asked her what she wanted to write and she said "love you". I said you mean "I love you". She told me no she just wanted to say "love you". The second valentine was for grandma. Its a book mark with her thumb print on it. She was hesitant about putting her thumb in the paint finally I persuaded her to do it. The last was for Daddy. I had a bunch of different pink and red paper and she wanted all the poka-dot paper for his valentine. There is nothing like homemade valentines!

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