Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aleecia drew this picture of me! I am mad because her room is not clean. I had no idea I was so mean when it came to cleaning her room I thought it was Dad that got more mad. Of course there is her baby sister nicely tucked inside my belly.

Here is one of the whole family! Notice all the hair on Dave. It cracks me up what her imagination thinks of.

This is my most favorite picture yet. I have been trying to teach Aleecia about where babies come from so that there will be no surprises when her sister is born. When I was younger I was in the room when my brother was born. It was such a great experience that I want Aleecia to experience it as well. This picture is her idea of what to expect. I think I am smiling, we'll see if the picture changes any after the baby is born.


Grand Pooba said...

Hey Anjanette! Just ran into your blog from Marissa's. Congratulations on your new baby coming!

Your daughter's picture is so funny! I love that she drew the baby in your tummy!

Mike and Lisa said...

Oh! That is so cute! I love their little minds so sweet! How are you??