Monday, July 27, 2009

Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios. It has changed since I last was there. We rode the new Simpson ride and I would have enjoyed it more had a tall guy not sat in front of me. Shreck 4D was the highlight of the day even though I had to sit in a stationary seat. I had forgotten to bring a blanket and a change of clothes for Mia. So we had to buy another towel so I could feed Mia with some kind of privacy. Then Mia's diaper leaked and we had to buy her something to wear. At least I remembered to pack the diapers and the wipes! The tour has changed a little. I liked it better and David didn't like it as much (I think it is because they took out King Kong).
The girls at Water World.

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Grand Pooba said...

I'm gonna forget a change of clothes for me the next time we go on vacation, that way I get a new outfit when I mess myself.

Good plan.