Monday, July 27, 2009


Disneyland is certainly the happiest place on the earth. My mom took us to California just for a fun vacation. On our first day we went to Disneyland. I made the girls Cinderella dresses to wear. Aleecia got a lot of attention and so did Mia. While waiting in line to meet the Princesses people were taking pictures of Mia all dressed up as Cinderella. It was like she was the main attraction. Aleecia has never been a girly girl so my mom and I had a blast watching her prance around in her Cinderella dress. When it came time to meet Cinderella she was so excited and was mesmerized by her. That night we watched the firework display by the Castle and went to see Fantasmic. In the middle of the show all the lights turned on and the ropes were taken away. After standing there for a few minutes we asked what had happened. The employees had no idea what was going on because it had never happened before. After a few more minutes they announced that the show would be unable to continue due to technical difficulties. That is just my luck. It was okay because we got to see the show in its entirety later.


Grand Pooba said...

That's such a fun idea to dress up the girls! With the crown, gloves and everything! How fun.

Do you and your mom dress up too?

Hernandez Family said...

We wanted to.