Thursday, July 9, 2009

Legacy Highway

I have decided that I should avoid driving on Legacy Highway. Monday night I was coming home from my parents house when believe it or not I got pulled over again. The policeman was really nice and didn't give me a ticket (I guess it makes up for the two citations I got when I was 16). It actually turned out to be a good experience. Aleecia got a badge which she wears everyday and I learned some things about car seat safety. I thought it was really important things so I thought I would share the information.

1. The straps should be tight enough were you can only pinch a small amount of the strap.

2. The clip should be positioned at the child's nipple line.

3. Jackets should not be worn in car seats. They provide to much cushion. Blankets should be used instead to keep the child warm.

4. The car seat handle should be all the way back while traveling to allow car seat to function properly in case of an accident.

5. Seat belt should be in the locked position. To do this pull the seat belt all the way out and let seat belt crank tight.


Hendricksonblog said...

We had to learn all that before they let us leave primary childrens when Ella was a baby and now i always correct other people when they do it wrong. not to be rude but just so they know.
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TammaRamma said...

Lucky you didn't get a ticket! My uncle is a highway patrol man in Richfield and he does the infant car seat safety, so he gave us some good tips too. It's always nice to get a refresher course though, thanks for passing this on!

Marissa said...

Good tips. Thanks for that!! I avoid Legacy because I'm scared I'll run over one of the millions of raccoons out there!

Nyree said...

I am so glad you are posting this on your blog! I wish everyone knew this life saving info. I see so many people innocently going against all these 'rules' of safety. It's sad since car wrecks are the leading cause of death in children. I'm also suprised that your pediatrician didn't tell you all of this with your first baby! It bothers me that such crucial information isn't told to everyone with a child!!!

Karly said...

I never knew that car seat handle was supposed to be all the way back. Now I'm going to have to see if all my Arkansas friends are aware of this. Thanks for posting this info!