Monday, June 15, 2009

Loose tooth

Aleecia lost her first tooth on Saturday! I was wondering when it was going to come out since it was hanging on by a thread and when she would wiggle it, it would lay flat. When it finally came out Aleecia was so excited and was jumping up and down! She thought that it was suppose to bleed a lot since the kids at school bled she ran to get a tissue but it never even bled. For the rest of the day Aleecia carried around her tooth. That night Aleecia was so excited that the tooth fairy was gonna come. She placed her tooth in a plastic bag (making it easier for the tooth fairy) and put it under her pillow. This being the first time for the tooth fairy, the tooth fairy was a little unprepared and grabbed whatever was in his wallet. The next morning we all woke up to a very excited Aleecia. The tooth fairy took her tooth and left her money! Of course she had to spend her money right away and bought Hungry, Hungry, Hippos. Man, that tooth fairy is awesome!


Grand Pooba said...

Heck yeah the tooth fairy is awesome, but I always thought the tooth fairy was a girl, not a guy. Guess that gives the word fairy a whole new meaning.

My teeth must have not been as valuable, I only got a dollar when I lost mine!

Marissa said...

Holy crap! $10!! I'm gonna knock a few of my teeth out just so this new tooth "fairy" will come to my house ;o)

And one of my favorite pics of kids is their toothless grins. So cute!!

Hernandez Family said...

There is actually 2 tooth fairies. One who makes the money and one that actually takes the tooth and leaves the money. The first tooth fairy never had the tooth fairy visit him he just threw away his teeth.

Mike and Suzie Bridge said...

Aleecia came over and told us about her tooth and that "she just lost it." Mike thought she meant she lost it at our house and was trying to make sure she took it home with her. It was funny! We had to explain to him she lost it before she came over. Don't tell my kids how much your tooth fairy brings because ours doesn't bring that much!! LOL!