Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Girl

Ben is getting married (again) and Aleecia has been asked to be the flower girl in the wedding. So, on Saturday we went to Davids Bridal to pick out a dress. Now, Aleecia is not a girly girl what so ever so I wasn't sure how patient she would be trying on dresses. When we first got there, there was a manikin wearing a wedding dress. Immediately Aleecia went over and started holding the train and talking to the manikin. She will be quit the flower girl. So, we started trying on the dresses and Aleecia was twirling and admiring herself in the mirrors. It had been the most girly we had ever seen her! We had found the dress we liked and put on gloves and these ugly slippers. I liked everything except the slippers but Aleecia fell in love with the slippers so we got them too. When we got home we dressed her up for her dad to see how beautiful she looked. While I was taking a potty break Aleecia grabbed a piece of pizza with her new gloves and was chowing down on it when I returned. So, now we have a little bit of pizza sauce on her new gloves. I knew she couldn't stay girly for long.


Grand Pooba said...

She looks so cute in that dress! Maybe she should get a little pizza sauce on her dress, ya know, just so she matches.

Hendricksonblog said...

thats a good idea and then she can match me in my slobbiness

Mike and Suzie Bridge said...

LOL! Maybe Halle is rubbing off on her, just a little!!