Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our second home!

As a family we have enjoyed camping. It was becoming less enjoyable in a cold tent. On Saturday David's curiosity got to him and we went to look at trailers. We were just gonna go look and get an idea of what we wanted and prices. Well, we fell upon a great new trailer for the same price as a used one. With this years tax return we were gonna pay the Tahoe off and some other bills. With no Tahoe payment it was possible for us to afford it. My Dad had been considering buying a trailer and so we all went to the RV show. We ended up buying the one we had seen and bought it with my parents. Camping is gonna be so much more enjoyable and we can't wait for spring!


Hendricksonblog said...

You never go to just look!
This always happens but yes you will enjoy camping so much more.
Awesome, now can he pull the boat behind it?

Noslo Family said...

Fun for you! Now you can collect gear for the trailer and David can learn how to take care of the fridge, oven, water heater, and don't forget the toilet. Our trailer has always been more Chris' than mine. I just sleep there and haul stuff in and out. Looks like a nice one!