Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lagoon Part 2

We got bounce back tickets to Lagoon so we took daddy this time. We went to Lagoona Beach first. Mia loved going down the little slides and swinging on the swings. Aleecia was brave and went down the water slides and loved it. Mia got cold so we got dressed and moved onto the rides. We went on all the rides in Kiddie land. Mia cried when we had to take her off most of the rides. Aleecia rode the white roller coaster with me. It was her first time. She had fun until she hit her head when we came to a rapid stop at the end. Will she go on it again in the near future? I'm not so sure.

1 comment:

Grand Pooba said...

I went to Lagoon twice in one week. What the?

(I secretly had a blast!)

mia is a spittin image of you!