Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Fun

Saturday was a fun family day. Aleecia had a soccer game and she even scored a goal! Her team is surprisingly good. Another win for the Dragons.
Dave thought it would be fun if we went to Tracey Aviary. I have never been so I really wanted to go. We got to see a lot of birds. Aleecia didn't like the Condor because he was eating another bird and she didn't like the Peacock because it honked at her.
When we were leaving we noticed that the park had rides and Aleecia had to ride them. The first ride we went on was the swing. It spun you around in a circle. I figured it would be like the big swing at Lagoon but I was so wrong. I had to close my eyes the whole time because I was going to lose it. Aleecia absolutely loved it! She kept scramming and laughing. After that ride I was done for. Dave took the girls on the carousel and Aleecia on the Farris wheel.
On the way home Dave had to stop at 711 to get me Dramamine. I must be getting old cause I don't remember getting that sick from a short little ride. Once the medication started working we bought some flowers for my pots. Mia loves playing in the dirt! For some reason she likes to throw it over her head. Aleecia has always loved watering the trees and plants. Something I think she got from my mom. All in all it was a great family fun day!


Hendricksonblog said...

oh my heck i love that pic with mia and her pooched out lips

Grand Pooba said...

LOL! I can't get over that pic! Priceless.