Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mia Turns 1!

A year goes by so fast around here. I can't believe that Mia turned 1 yesterday. To celebrate we had family over. The highlight of the night was watching Mia enjoy her cake. Its tradition in Davids family to smash their face in the cake but, when David smashed Aleecia's face in the cake I got really mad at him. So instead of smashing Mia's face in the cake he smeared frosting all over her face. She loved it!
Why Mia is Special:
She loves to take things out of buckets and put them back.
Every time she hears music she dances.
If you take something away from her she gets mad and throws a fit until you give it back.
She bobs her head when you say "what's up" but she does it down instead of up.
Sometimes when she smiles she squints her eyes and shows off her teeth.
She loves our bird Daisy and gets excited when she sees her.
She loves her big sister Aleecia and laughs at her all the time.
She gives hugs.
When she gets sleepy she becomes a mommas girl.
She loves playing with our cell phones and has called 911 twice.
we love you!


Grand Pooba said...

Hahaha, love the pics!

Ok so maybe I thought Amy Snarr was you in that birthday picture. Com'on, it was like 16 years ago, gimme a break.

Nyree said...

Can't believe it was a whole year ago when I got your text about Mia's crazy birth! She is an absolute doll. Time does fly. Don't you hate it! My Abbey is turning ten this summer... boohoo. And my baby is already 6 months. Dang! Don't you wish there was something we could do about this nonsense?

Marissa said...

Yeah, ditto to Ny's post! I can't believe it's already been a year! And WOW! Mia looks like she's super tall! She sounds like a girl that would be Jack's soulmate...I chuckled at almost all of the things that make her special because I can just picture them! And I have to confess that cake is making my mouth water!