Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mia's favorite toy

Mia has a new favorite toy. It is my cell phone. I used to let her play with it without key lock but, she started making phone calls to people in my phone book. Then I started to let her play with it on key lock until she called 911 twice! My phone is stupid. If you have it on key lock and push a certain button it gives you three options: Cancel, Unlock, or Emergency Call. Twice now Mia has pushed the Emergency call button. The first time she was playing with it on my bed and I could hear a ladies voice saying "Hello, Hello". I grabbed the phone and it had already hung up and then immediately they call back saying they had a 911 call from my phone. How embarrassing to tell them that everything was okay and that it was just my 7 month old baby who called. The second time I was just furious that it happened again. I don't want to hold up the operator when she can be making real emergency calls. Yes I still let her play with my phone occasionally but I keep a close eye on making sure she doesn't push that one button.

1 comment:

Marissa said...

You must have a blackberry! I have those same 3 options on mine when I lock it.