Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ben's Wedding #2

My brother got married in the rain on Tuesday the 15th. Despite the rain it really was a beautiful wedding. David was a groomsmen, I was a bridesmaid, and Aleecia was the flower girl. As mentioned in a previous post Aleecia had a beautiful dress with gloves and all. The wedding was a garden wedding so because of all the rain in was more like a mud wedding. There was no way Aleecia was going to wear her slippers in the mud so she had a beautiful dress with muddy nikes. The ceremony was nice. Aleecia threw her flowers like she was suppose too and we all made it without falling (there was a couple close calls). When my brother saw his bride he broke down in tears which made me cry as well. After all was said and done we all locked arms and went down the isle. Unfortunately at the end was a huge mud pile and we all got muddy. Speaking of mud. . . Aleecia thought it might me fun to throw mud at the little boys and wrestle them down into the mud. Her beautiful dress was destroyed! Everybody there thought it was cute except for me.

Aleecia Before

Aleecia After

Mia wearing her dress I made

The happy couple


Aleecia's dress wasn't the only one that got muddy

My mom and the wedding planner

Aleecia dancing with one of the little boys that was there


TammaRamma said...

Ohhh! Aleecia's dress! Looks like she had fun though, and I love that picture of her and the bride on the trampoline! That's classic!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh look at that dress! Well, maybe you can dye it black? Congrats to your brother, but I can't tell by the picture which brother it is???