Saturday, August 29, 2009

6 years old!

My baby turned six years old on Wendsday. Time goes by too fast. It seems just like yesterday I found out that I was pregnant. I knew she was a girl the moment I knew I was expecting. Aleecia had a rough start in life. She was born premature due to complications in pregnancy. She got pnemonia shortly after birth and had to be on IV antibiotics. Once the pnemonia was gone we thought we were in the clearing but early one morning she aspirated on breast milk and 911 had to be called. They life flighted her to Primary Children's hospital and had to keep her overnight to monitor and find out why she aspirated. An upper GI was performed and it was discovered that she had GERD or acid reflux. As she grew she grew out of the reflux and became a happy little baby. Aleecia was our pride and joy and we couldn't help but spoil her. When we found out we were expecting another baby Aleecia was just as excited as we were. Aleecia is a great sister and she is mommies helper. She loves school and has improved in her school work so much. Her favorite things to do are watch movies, play puppy, and play with her best friend Halle. We love having Aleecia apart of our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Hendricksonblog said...

We never believed adults when they said "just wait" and now its us seeing how fast time flies.

Grand Pooba said...

Holy crap I didn't know you guys went through all that when she was a babe! That had to be so hard! She is a miracle child, what a sweetheart!