Sunday, September 14, 2008

Utah State Fair

Aleecia and I wanted to go to the fair and since we had free tickets we went. Riding the Ponies is always Alecia's favorite thing at the fair. My favorite thing is the giant pig but he wasn't there this year. What ever happened to the pig??? David said he probably died and feed the whole state of Idaho. Who knows.

Aleecia riding her pony like a natural.

This big cow was at the fair last year. This picture doesn't give it justice to as how big it really is. According to the info on the cow it weighs the same as our boat. That's a whole lot of meat!


kris said...

How fun! She is just darling!

The Brinkerhoffs said...

Yay! I found your blog!! Exciting! It was so fun to see you, don't we always have fun though! Keep in touch!

Amber said...

I should inform you that you've been tagged. See my blog for details.